Baby Kimye Kardashiwest

To run a pop culture blog and not mention the child gestating in Kim Kardashian’s womb is akin to running a restaurant that has no dessert. Can you succeed? Yes. Is it fun for anyone visiting? Probably not.

When I heard that Kim Kardashian was pregnant I thought two things:

1) “Merciful gods, the apocalypse is nigh” and

2) “I hope that baby is a boy”

Because honestly, I think that being the female child of someone whose primary claim to fame is their physical attractiveness is a fate worse than…well worse than a lot.

It would also suck if your parent(s) were attractive and talented like a certain baby Blue Ivy Carter. I do not envy that child.

Though at least when Blue Ivy is a teenager she’s not going to find out that her mommy has a sex tape with Ray J.

I think it’s a little absurd that Kim’s joy is being overshadowed by people crying out over the fact that she’s not officially divorced yet. Can I just say that until she said she was pregnant no one seemed mad about her and Kanye dating. No one. What year are we in? Is this The Scarlet Letter? I hope not because I hated that book. I thought it was boring and sexist.

People need to get over the fact that she’s married. She’s been in divorce proceedings for MONTHS. It not like she handed the ring back yesterday.

If Kris Humphries isn’t mad about it, shut your mouth Internet. In fact if he is mad about it, shut your mouth Internet. Go watch the Ray J/Kim sex tape before they find a way to get rid of it before baby Kimye figures out how to google hir* mommy.



* The word “hir” is the third person possesive of the commonly used gender-neutral pronoun “ze” I sometimes use gender-neutral pronouns. You should too. They’re cool and inclusive.

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